Get Wind Conditions (GWC)

DM-AirTech was born at times of COVID-19 troubles to engineer, develop and  release GWC as the first truly fully automated system to analyse wind behavior.  GWC is the acronym of Get Wind Conditions. Its purpose is clearly the  precise, detailed, super-fast and fully automated analysis of wind behavior in urban areas. 

What's in there:
  • Flow Reproduction and Reconstruction,
  • Smart CAD geometry and tessellation treatment,
  • Numerical Aerodynamic Field Reconstruction based on discrete Experimental Wind Measures,
  • Development of Meshless Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD) workflows  
  • Full Automation strategies for CAD + CFD workflows  
Yes, the patent application has been performed and we approach month by month the release of GWC, the computational fluid dynamic system that will change the way engineers work with wind analysis.