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Our purpose

As technology progresses, our cities will see more and more drones in their skies. Whether it is for delivering goods or transporting passengers, the safety of the operations is always the primary focus.

We are your weather partner to fly your customers safely and efficiently.

Our Technology

Our technology (Get Weather Conditions, or GWC) leverages the latest advancements in physical-based numerical modelling and system engineering to augment available weather sensing capabilities.

Based on that, GWC can reconstruct weather and wind patterns in the most complex environments to address the challenges connected to operating drones and eVTOLS at scale.

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Weather Analytics in Numbers

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DM-AirTech as a team is committed to working for trivial matters within Aerospace industry like Passenger and Flight Safety. Our Co founding team consists of:

Dario Milani, CEO and CTO of DM-AirTech; Dr Eng. in Wind and Aeronautical Engineering. Following his master’s degree in Aerospace, Aeronautical and Astronautical engineering, Dario completed a PhD in wind engineering graduating with Magna Com Laude. He has a decade of experience in the aviation industry, including taking a key role as a systems engineer in the Airbus Zero Emissions Aircraft project.

Oskar Olechowski, Co-founder, and lead systems architect for DM-AirTech. Prior to beginning working with DM-AirTech, he has a decade of experience in Airbus, working as a systems engineer.

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