VertiMonitor GUI: Automatic weather clearence recommendations for drones, VTOLs and vertiport operators. 


VertiMonitor is the real-time weather clearance tool which supports the execution and automatization of drones and eVTOL operations, including go/no-go decisions based on hyperlocal weather conditions. 

  • Confidence score for better understanding
  • Seamless Integration with local sensors
  • Helps in scheduling based on 5 days forecast

How to use?

VertiMonitor can be used in one of these ways:

  1. Via the Website
  2. Via the API
  3. Via the Python API

DM-AirTech is a great asset and the right partner for assessing our first sites and vertiport designs, validating strategically the air routes with timely accurate meteorological forecasts and guaranteeing safe clearance for take-off and landing operations in the tactical phase. We are eager to continue our fruitful cooperation in projects and real vertiport tests relying on the best data for the best decision making.

José Ignacio Rodríguez,

CEO, Bluenest by Globalvia.

VertiMonitor makes it and effective to know if weather is a fit for my flights.

Francisco López Rodríguez

Drone Pilot | Engineer, Aircraft Manufacturing Company